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Currently I have no time to update or read emails, sorry. I will eventually read them and update. A new version of the Street Fighter Plot Guide is available.


Happy Holidays!

Updated Balrog (aka Vega) and added Juri to the Rip Offs. I also updated Vega (aka M. Bison) once more. Updated Home, the Links and added a Blanka Cube to the FunStuff section. I have yet more to add.


Rip Offs

Added some pics, info bits and corrections to the Rip Off accounts (VariousInfo) of Skullomania, Vega/M.Bison, Rose, Guile, Zangief and SFIV's Juri is coming next. Also added the monthly stuff (Home) and updated the Links.


Rest of the SFIIWW Concept Art

Here's the rest of the sketches (scroll down).


Even more old Street Fighter II Art!

Some of these design sketches have never been shown in any artbook. More to come soon!


Rare Street Fighter II Art!

Brand new old SFIIWW Move Art from Capcom Classic Collection.


Final Fight CCC rips

Rips of the FF1 fully body art has been added (scroll down). It also featured some of the FFCD art.


Final Fight 1 Concept Art

Look at these amazing FF1 drawings added today, showing scenes from the game. And some more US art, this time of T. Hawk.


Incredibly RARE Final Fight artwork!

This sketch of Sagat's stage was missing from the SFIV concept art. I uploaded some Move Art of FF1 and some original concept art of FF1 unknown to most FF fans, more tomorrow (and by "more" I mean more spectacular!). Can you point out some characters in this CCC painting?


SFIV stages and Rip Offs

First we have the final upload of SFIV concept art (the stages). Added this original sketch of Dee Jay. Roxy has been added to the Rip offs and a lot of minor updates to the whole section were done (Vega/M.Bison, Guile, Fei-Long).
Also updated the Links and Interviews (VariousInfo). Next update will be some Final Fight stuff!


Rare US art and more SFIV concept art

Here's the fourth batch of SFIV sketches (Gen, Dan, Rose, background characters and more). Tomorrow the stages! Also check out these two super rare aribrush paintings of Fei-Long and Dee Jay! Plus I updated the portraits of SFIII 2nd Impact.


Third batch of SFIV concept art and more

Yet more concept art of SFIV (Gouki, Gouken, Cammy, Fei-Long and Sakura), two more batches to come.
Added some pictures to Blanka's/Zangief's account on Rip Off page 2. Also added some special effects from the Poster Kit (Hadoken, Sonic Boom, Yoga Fire etc.). The Links have been updated too.


More Street Fighter IV Concept Art

And here is the second load of SF4 concept art.


Street Fighter IV Concept Art

Got a great submission today, check out the first load of SF4 concept art (more tomorrow or later today).


Monthly stuff and final Poster Kit update

This time I got all the move/action sprites from the Poster Kit for you. I haven't uploaded all the speech bubbles and action words (like ZAP!) but they don't have anything to do with SF in particular so unless I get a massive request I'm not going to go through the hassle. I also updated the Home page and corrected some smaller things here and there. More to come.


Stage Sprites from the Poster Kit

Here's the stages to yesterdays portraits, more to come.


Ultra rare sprites and two new rip offs

I know, haven't updated in a long time.So I finally get to do some of the things I've wanted to put up for months. Zangief and R. Mika have new entries in the Rip Off section and I've ripped some old forgotten sprites from the Super Street Fighter II Poster Kit, which was quite some work. A lot, more to come.


Final Fight Tough

Last FF3 art update. All but Dave have been updated now, don't have him. Updated the interviews (VariousInfo).


More submittions

Thanks for helping out, everybody. Still got a lot to add (ie Rip Offs). Uploaded some more scans of FF3 (Fat Jack, Rick and Andore plus I corrected May's link) and I'll upload better versions of some charaters with my next update. Jens sent in a better screenshot of Gouki from 2nd Impact (still need a scan of it). Updated the Sheng Long page. Today I found some more rare old art of Final Fight, Muscle Bomber and Street Fighter in some Japanese books, guess it's time to plug in the scanner again.


Super rare Final Fight 3 art

Big Mex has sent in some scans of Final Fight Tough (aka Final Fight 3)! More of them soon. Again too late are the monthly updates (Home).


Small update

Big Mex sent me some scans of Final Fight Tough (aka Final Fight 3)!Another C. Viper rip off has been added. Lots of minor updates and corrections here and there including the Links. I got a bunch of submittions to add, so check back regularly.


Rip Offs 'n stuff

Monthly updates (also added the video to the YouTube list). Some updates to the Rip Offs/inspirations (Elena and Zangief). Updated the Links (StreetFighterVenezuela) and FunStuff. More to come soon!


Various Updates

Updated the YouTube List (Movies/TV>Other videos) and the Interviews (VariousInfo)


Yet another new SFIV trailer

Added a Gouken VS Gouki trailer (Movies/TV>Other videos)


Movie stuff

New Chun-Li Trailer (Movies/TV) and new SFIV Trailer (YouTube video list).


Rip Off

Added Adon's entry to the Rip Off section (VariousInfo).


Good luck for '09

Updated Movies/TV (new Chun-Li Trailer), Home and some minor corrections. More to come!


Still not much

Updated the Links.


Not much

Updated the Home page.


Plot Canon Guide V. 4.6

Slightly updated Rip Off page 2 and Vasili10 dropped a new edition of the Street Fighter Plot Guide (txt). You can always find the newst version of the Plot Guide on the Links page. I'm ultra busy.


Not much

Updated Movies/TV (new Chun-Li movie), Links and added a crappy pic of Andore to the FF3 art. Got a lot to add but not much time.


More Final Fight 3 art

Added three more drawings by Bengus of FF3.


Final Fight 3 art

Got some fine submitted artwork of Final Fight 3 (or Final Fight Tough), more to come soon.


Monthly updates

Updated the Home page.


Interviews and Artwork

Added some more interviews (VariousInfo) and Final Fight 2 art of the Andore family and Rolento.



Some minor updates and Gouki from SFIII 2nd Impact.


Very small updates

Added one to the Links, corrected two URLs in the YouTube list and added some stuff to Cammy and Vega on Rip Off page 2.



Updated Rose's Rip Off account and added a hilarious YouTube video (Movies/TV>Other videos).



New wallpaper in the Download section. Updated some Rip Offs (Abel, Cammy, Haggar) mostly just new pictures. Added Haggar to the Handicraft page (FunStuff).



Added some Links and some Interviews.



It seems a thumbnail for Gen of Street Fighter I (bust art) was missing, so here it is. And the dates for last months updates were wrong. Added the monkey king statue to RipOff page 5.


Ads, Music 'n monthly stuff

Already did the monthly updates for September (Home) and the Links. Added some more music videos and commercials to the YouTube list (Movies/TV>Other videos) and updated the Interviews (VariousInfo). Lots of RipOff updates to come within the next days.


Small updates

Updated Rockman/Mega Man (Various Info > Related games) and Sheep The Royal's Rip Off entry. Also updated the Links, Movies/TV and added a video to the YouTube list (Movies/TV>Other Videos)


More Gill

Updated Gill's Rip Off entry again. Don't forget to let me know about dead links, typos and mistakes. More to come soon.


More Rip Offs

Added The Mysterious Budo, updated C.Viper, Gill and Spanish bullfighter Balrog. More to come.


Various updates

Besides the Links and some smaller corrections and addditions (ie Home, Links, YouTube videos, Interviews) I added SFEX characters Darun Mister and Skullomania to the Rip Offs. More to come within the next days.


Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide V 4.5

New version of the Plot Guide updated by vasili10 is available as .txt file (Links).


Another SFIV rip off

C. Viper got an entry on Rip Off page 1.


Rip Offs

More Oro and Yun inspirations added to the Rip Offs (VariousInfo). Also updated the Links.



Updated the Home page and Birdie's Rip Off account.


Rip Offs

Updated Rip Off page 1 (Eagle), added Abel and moved Ryu from page 2 to page 1. Also updated the Links.



Yes more. Updated the rip offs, the movie trailers (Movies/TV) and the Sheng Long page as well as the Links.


More Muscle Bombers

Added three more Muscle Bomber/Saturday Night Slammasters characters to the rip offs.


More commercials

And again more commercials.


More commercials

Added some more advertising videos by Capcom and updated the Home page.


Muscle Bomber
rip offs

Updated the Links and added 2 submitted Rip Offs of Capcom's Muslce Bomber/Saturdaynight Slam Masters games (VariousInfo), more to come.


Final Fight rip offs

Updated Rip Off page 4 (VariousInfo).


Final Fight art

Added another lookalike for Blanka to the RipOffs (VariousInfo) and scanned an old drawing of Haggar and Nancy from FF1.


This n that

Updated the Links and added another Rip Off (Karin's father).


SFIIWW Interview

Ibuki and her Ninja clan from SFIII New Generation scanned. Added a new interview.



Updated the Interviews and added 6 new commercials and more to the YouTube videos.


Rip Offs

Updated Ryu and Gill's entries in the Rip Off section and updated the Links.


Monthly updates

Very late with the monthly updates (Home etc.) more coming later.


Monthly updates

Updated Home, Links and Interviews, finally uploaded the first load of Bandai cards (SSFII) submitted by Mr. Nik (many more to come).


Small update

Updated related games and interviews (VariousInfo). Also brought back some YouTube videos (MoviesTV). More coming soon. New SFIV Trailer.


Happy New Year!

Rip Offs (Karin, Gill, Blanka, Dudley) many interviews added (SFI-SFIV). Super rare Gill sketches from SFIIING. Lots of little things have been updated (Movies/TV, Links, VariousInfo, ...), improved and corrected, thanks to all your submitions (big thank to Neal for taking so much time). More to come very soon!


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