That's it for 2005, thanks for the support!

See you in 2006!


Final Fight guide books

Added the Final Fight guide books to the Things 2 Buy section.


X-Men VS Street Fighter endings complete

Well, I was bored so now the ending section of XVS is complete.


X-Men VS Street Fighter

Uploaded some XVS ending sprites, those are all I had, gotta upload the others sometime in the future. Merry X-Mas and thanks for visiting!


Final scans of Final Fight 2, SFZ 1 art & Plot Guide

Uploaded all FF2 full body scans by now. Updated various sections and fixed some dead links but nothing of importance.
TiamatRoar released a new version of his Plot Guide! Click here to see it, it's a txt file as usual, I'll illustrate it sometime in the future. Monthly updates coming later.
Edit: Updated the Homepage (monthly stuff) and uploaded a picture of Titan The Great (Muscle Bomber) and Birdie (Street Fighter) from SFZ1.


New scans of Final Fight 2

Added three more scans and I'll update again very soon.


New scans

I made a Final Fight 2 section. Haggar, Carlos and Maki are already scanned from the Japanese Super Famicom guide, the enemies will be added soon.


Covers & Endings

Added DVD Covers to the Movies/TV page. Also added SSFIIX ending sprite art (only the final pictures) to the artwork section.
I'm working on the Things2Buy section and on a page about the Capcom artists. Thanks for visiting and let me know if you find a mistake or something that should be added.


More Final Fight

Mighty Final Fight art added (MFF full body art), complete collection from the official Japanese MFF guide book. Also wallpaper of the month added plus some minor updates here and there. Check back for more.



I updated the site of the week and the Final Fight 1 art (still not complete) and some links. Thanks for your mails, always let me know if you find a dead link or a mistake. Sorry for the lack of updates, not much time.
I added more FF1 full body art. You can now see all drawings from the SNES version, Guy and Rolento are still missing.



Thanks to Neal for sending in two lookalikes: Rolento and Clayton of Disney's Tarzan and Two P and Duck King.


Secret Files

I finally have all Secret Files from 1-26 listed (Various Info).


Monthly updates

Not much time sorry, updated the Homepage, till later!


Artwork scans

I uploaded old Final Fight 1 art from the official Japanese guide book. The monthly updates should follow soon.


Various updates, more to come

Updated the Links and some Street Fighter II World Warriors art, scanned from the book "Complete File Street Fighter II"



Got some small updates. Added a few links and fixed some bugs.
Also a few new pieces of SFII art in the Artwork section.


Artwork: MSH VS SF/MSH/Pocket Fighter endings complete!

Yup, now I got all endings of MSH vs SF so I'm done with the sprite ripping for that game. I also got all Pocket Fighter endings now! And all MSH endings.
Lot's of rare scans coming soon so check back regularly. Thanks for your mails and as always correct me if you find a mistake anywhere on the site.



I added some more endings and finally ripped the last portrait sprites of MSH VS SF!



Capcom VS SNK1 art by Shinkiro.
A few new MSH VS SF endings.
More scans from the complete file (SFIIWW art).
Added a wallpaper to the monthly stuff (Home).


Monthly updates and Marvel Super Heroes again

Added Ken's, Chun-Li's and Dan's ending of MSH VS SF. Also new Links and the usual monthly stuff (wallpaper coming soon).
Ingrid of CFJ/CFE is going to be in SFZ/SFA 3 "Upper Double".
No Street Fighter 4 coming soon as it seems.
I won't have time to update as regularly as in the last weeks but there will still be updates whenever I got time.


Marvel Super Heroes

I got like a million new MSH VS SF sprites (new sections) and a Street Fighter Zero 1 Artwork section plus a new Capcom Artists section (Various Info) and some more updates here and there like in the Artwork section, the Links and a few new linkpics.


Marvel Super Heroes

These MSH VS SF sprites are a pain in the ass. It's impossible to rip the whole sprite because they are always covered by something. I'll try to get as much of each sprite as possible. Today I completed the SuperCombo/VS Screen sprite section of MSH VS SF and added two others.
If you want to link to FightingStreet.com on your website here are banners. I'll add some more from time to time.


Marvel Super Heroes

New sprite rips of Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter in the artwork section. Also new Pocket Fighter sprites.


Pocket Fighter

Full body sprites of Gouki, Tabasa and Sakura (Pocket Fighter).


More rare old SFII art

Got a few new scans in the SFII WW Artwork section.



Ok, I got Sakura's and Gouki's ending of Pocket Fighter and Dan's full body art of the same game, a new wallpaper in the Downloads section and I updated the Links + Savegames page (direct download to your Dreamcast possible now).


More Rip Offs

Again I updated the rip off section (Part 3) in the Various Info section and also some minor stuff like the Links. I'm working on the VMU saves and some more Pocket Fighter sprites. Also new scans of Japanese Gamest Mooks coming soon plust updates in the Various Info section and maybe I'll also start working on the Movies/TV section soon but I don't know yet. Like always, let me know if you find a dead link or mistake or if a picture doesn't load. Thanks!


Dreamcast Savegames

New Sega Dreamcast page in the Downloads section, with VMU savegames that you can download to a Nexus VMU. Soon also available for direct download to your Sega VMU.


Even more Pocket Fighter sprites

Added Chun-Li's ending to the Pocket Fighter ending sprites and Felicia's full body art (Artwork section>Pocket Fighter).


More Pocket Fighter sprites

Another full body sprite of Pocket Fighter: Ibuki and Zangief. Also added another pic of Ken's ending.


Pocket Fighter sprites

More Pocket Fighter sprites ripped: Full body ingame art of Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Morrigan plus endings of Ryu & Ken. Click here.



New site of the month, 4Koma of the month, mp3 of the month and wallpaper of the month (Home). I updated the Secret Files page (Various Info section), it has all Secret Files from 1-26 now except for 24.


as promised...

...the rare SFII World Warriors art (bw series 2) plus original text description of each pic in Japanese. Also the rest of the Pocket Fighter intro sprite art and Zangief's Pocket Fighter ending sprite art featuring Gorbachov aka the Great Man (Artwork section). Also updated the links and the Secret Files page (Various Info section).



I updated a few links and stuff. Not much. A new SFII book will be released by Udon independant from their other SF series.
Some super rare old SFII art coming soon to the artwork section, don't miss it!



New Sprite art of Pocket Fighter/Super Gem Fighter added to the artwork section. And some other minor things.



There's some SFZ3 sprite art in the artwork section and some CVS1 art by Capcom. I also had to fix some broken links and some minor stuff here and there including folder names, so again if you find any dead links please tell me, arigato!
I'm woking on lot's of stuff to come so check back.



I updated the Rip Off section (added E. Honda) and changed a lot with folders and links, so if you find any dead links let me know.



New Street Fighter II drawings in the Artwork section. I scanned them from the book "Complete File Street Fighter II". Warning, can take some time to load depending on your connection speed.
Also got some Super Street Fighter II art in very low quality that will be replaced by larger images sometime.
Also new Site and MP3 of the month and some minor updates here and there.



I remade the whole site and replaced all frames, it should load faster now. Right now I'm scanning a lot of rare old artwork. I'll add some more rip offs soon (various info/rip off section).


Street Fighter II Artwork

In the Artwork section I added some SFII art from the book "Complete File - Street Fighter II".


Updates for June

I renamed the Celebs section to "Rip Off" section because more and more of the characters I added aren't celebrities but cartoons or such.
Also new wallpaper and site of the month.


Site, Wallpaper & MP3 of the month

Over the last months I didn't update at all and the mp3 of the month was offline due to some bug so the link didn't work. I put it up again for this month for all those who wanted it and I'll choose a new mp3 for May.
Also added new site of the month and new wallpaper of the month.


Finally updated!

Things To Buy:
Super Deformed Street Fighter II cards by Bandai

Added Kikaider and Evander Holyfield to the Celebrity/Rip off section (page 2), also many minor updates.


Artwork section opened!

So far in the artwork section:
Street Fighter II' CE
Street Fighter II' Turbo



Updated 3rd Celebrities page


Sorry but the planned major updates have to wait.

1. Usual monthly updates

2. the 2nd Celebrities page got updated and a 3rd page is up (Various Info --> Celebrities)

3. Some minor updates


More updates:

1. New Links

2. Judges section, Celebrities section, Easter eggs and other stuff in Various Info

3. LOTS of Gamest Mooks with covers in the Gamest Mooks section (Various Info)


More updates:

Some more Gamest Mooks and covers of them and lot's of little updates here and there, everything takes longer than I thought it would.


Updated so far (more to come):

1.Various Info:
Gamest Mook section (titles, covers), judges section, celebrities section

2. Site/Wallpaper of the month, links


Whutup? The new version of the Plot Guide (v4.1) is in the link section. Other updates:

1. A few more Gamest Mook titles, covers and ISBNs. I'll update the Gamest Mook section a few more times within the next days without special mentioning.



1. Gamest Mooks (Various Info)# 2, 11, 14, 15, 18, 32, 36, 40, 53, 59, 63, 72, 75, 78, 77, 82, 88, 89, 154, 158, 165, 166, 184, 194.

2. Secret File # 25 (SFIII 3rd Strike)

3. More characters in the celebs section



1. New SFIII judges section (Various Info).



1. Added some characters to the "celebrities section" (Various Info).

2. Corrected some mistakes.


Konnichiwa. The site hasn't been up for a long time before I took it offline to change a lot of things. Now it's back and some stuff was removed but I'll bring it all back soon.
Here are this months updates:

1. Some topics in the various info section, more will come soon.

2. The download page

3. The links page, I'll always add new links.

4. The funstuff section is back, I'll add some 4 frame comics this month.

5. The usual updates on the home page.

I'm still working on the character bios, by now I've drawn most of the characters but I still gotta write a lot.
If you find any mistakes please let me know, thanks.