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All interviews from will be listed here. Of course they'll always be Street Fighter/Capcom related. Additionally interviews from other places are also listed.


Street Fighter Rip Offs
Find out more about your favorite characters and who they are based on. This section includes almost all Final Fight, Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III characters so take a look at it, your favorite character might be a rip off, too.
Page 1 Street fighting celebrities
Page 2 More famous characters
Page 3 More of Capcom's rip offs plus SNK rip offs and other charas
Page 4 Final Fight/Muscle Bomber rip offs
Page 5 Dragonball, Dr. Slump, Fist Of The North Star rip offs


Easter eggs
These are so called easter eggs, funny or secret little things video game companies put in their games. The list will probably never be complete since there are so many easter eggs in Capcom games but I'll try to point out the most important ones (don't hesitate to inform me on missing ones).


E. Honda's bath-house
E. Honda has a bath-house. I've put together some pictures and listed when and where E. Honda's stage appeared.


The Buddha statue (Sagat's stage)
Here's some info on the buddha statue and temple in Sagat's stage.


The judges
In SFIII there are judges for the case of a Double KO or time out. This section is dedicated to them.


Golf terms
Learn more about SFI's British bouncers who swing fists and sticks like Tiger Woods swings the club.


Sheng Long
Who is Sheng Long?

Gamest Mooks

Here is a list of Video Game Magazine's Japanese Gamest Mooks. Gamest Mooks are books with strategies, artwork, interviews and background information of games. Many of them are about Capcom games. The list is not complete yet.


"All About" books
This list concerns the Japanese "All About" books by Studio Bent Stuff. It has all Capcom related books with cover.


Secret Files
Secret Files are little magazines with few pages released by Capcom that give you some art and background info on games. Each Secret File is for one game and they are all humourus and some contain a lot of parody and nonsence.


Related Games
These Capcom games feature elements of Street Fighter, they're not related storyline wise though.


Shadaloo and the Nazis
Is ther a connetion between Vega's Shadaloo and the Nazis?



This section is always under construction and regularly updated!