Monthly updates

Updated Home, Links and Interviews, finally uploaded the first load of Bandai cards (SSFII) submitted by Mr. Nik (many more to come).


Small update

Updated related games and interviews (VariousInfo). Also brought back some YouTube videos (MoviesTV). More coming soon. New SFIV Trailer.


Happy New Year!

Rip Offs (Karin, Gill, Blanka, Dudley) many interviews added (SFI-SFIV). Super rare Gill sketches from SFIIING. Lots of little things have been updated (Movies/TV, Links, VariousInfo, ...), improved and corrected, thanks to all your submitions (big thank to Neal for taking so much time). More to come very soon!


Back online!

I'm back and updated Rip Off page 3 with some pics. More to come (still super busy)! Thanks for all the submittions!


Technical difficulties

Very busy and having difficulties updating but there's a lot to come. Till then check out the Dolls in the Rip Off Section.



I scanned and translated an old interview with the creator of Dee Jay (VariousInfo>Interviews). Also added a scan to the judges (Various Info). The Links have been updated too.


Small corrections

Added some submitted screenshots to the Rip Offs and changed some things here and there, nothing big. More updates soon.


Yet more Rip Offs

Updated the Help page (button to the right) and added more Rip Offs (VariousInfo). Also upated the Links, Movies/TVand the Home page (monthly stuff). Added two new videos to the YouTube list.


Rip Offs

The whole Rip Off section (VariousInfo) has been updated a lot (ie Hokuto) and a lot more characters (especially HNK characters) will be added soon. I'll update the section a few more times today. Updated the Links (new affiliate).


200000 hits!

Thanks for your submittions and visits! I've listed some more interviews and updated the help page (new button in the upper right) and Movies/TV plus new old Street Fighter II art! I forgot to add a link to the golf page I did a while ago. A lot more updates to come.


Not much

Just dropping in to say I'm working on lot's of stuff that will be added soon, thanks for all your submittions. I changed some things to make some pages load faster. Will be back with hella updates!


20th anniversary!!! Many updates!!!

Happy birthday Street Fighter! Added Joe Lewis and Hulk Hogan to Rip Off page 1. Uploaded SFIII2I art as well as some rare submitted FF1 art and the Shit Fighter figures (Things2Buy). Updated the Home page, the Links and the YouTube list.
The link on the Home page of last August's site of the month didn't work the whole time, so here's Emu Gif Animation again. More soon.


Various updates

Updated the Links and the help page. Thanks to RedCyclone we now have the bosses of FF1 in color except for Rolento and Belger (send those in if you have em). Also added some Easter Eggs and fixed some pages to make em load faster plus even more adverts and trailers (YouTube list).


Final Fight CD art complete

Uploaded the last scans of Final Fight CD. Also updated the Bill Cravens (Easter Egg) page. More TV ads added (Movies/TV > Other videos) and more trailers (Movies/TV).


Back with more art

Uploaded Andore Jr, Poison, Sodom and Rolento artwork from Final Fight CD. More to come.


Interview & Final Fight CD scans

It's here! The complete interview with Mick McGinty, the creator of most Western Street Fighter art. Added an interview section to collect all sorts of Capcom related interviews (VariousInfo). Fixed some things and the rip off section should load a bit faster now. Also added some Final Fight CD art. Also updated the help page. Much more to come.


Various updates

In case you haven't read my post below, do so now. Thanks to those who already contributed. I added some more of the interview with the SFII cover artist and updated the Home page (monthly stuff). Also added some 2nd Impact art and Sean to the rip offs. Also updated the Sheng Long info.


Help needed

Hi, the site is getting bigger and lots of sites in the Link section and all over FS.com might be gone without me knowing it. So if you find any deadlinks, let me know so I can delete them. Thanks for your help! Also please report any other mistakes, I'm always happy to get some correction.
Anyway, added some more Links and some trailers and stuff to Movies/TV.


Various Updates

Added the Brazilian Street Fighter Web Site to the affiliates. Also updated the YouTube Video List (Movies/TV) and fixed some deadlinks. Lot's of updates to come soon.



Just noticed that the "Site Of The Month" (Home) was wrong. Old Street Fighter II fold-out poster added to Artwork section.


Monthly updates

Updated some pages (Home, FunStuff, Links), added most of Udon's Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution ending art.



Added some more questions and answers from the interview with the SFII cover artist. I'm still very busy, hope to get some time to scan old Japanese Capcom stuff and show it to ya'll.


More interview and more HD

The second bunch of answers of the interview with the SFII cover artist have been added! Further updates coming soon. After releasing more HD art of the SFII remix, Capcom announced that there will also be an HD version of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo! See you soon.


Interview and HD

Part I of the interview with the US SF cover artist is online. Don't forget to check out the news on Udon's HD version of Street Fighter II. I'm Super busy II' Turbo, hope to get to do some big updates soon. Thanks for visiting and your mails!



Didn't have much time to update lately. I've planned a lot of things for this month, I'll finally post the interview with the SFII artist and some other things. We'll see how much I get done. Thanks for visiting!


Old SFII' CE art

Added some pics to the Rip Off section and scanned this very old rare official SFII poster. Also the monthly updates.


Interview with original SFII artist

If you have questions for the artist of the original American Street Fighter II cover art, send them in till Sunday the 18th.
I reuploaded the SFAA commercials, that were deleted from YouTube.


Rolento stuff and new Affiliate SFO

Street Fighter Organization has been added to the affiliates (Links) so take a look at their site and forum! I updated a bit here and there in the Rip Off section (VariousInfo) including Rolento's henchmen on Rip Off page 4. I added some more YouTube videos. Also added a Street Fighter Zero 2 scan of Rolento, Hollywood and El Gado to the Artwork section.


Various updates

Even more YouTube videos listed. Added Birdie to Rip Off page 5. Also updated the Links and made a few pages load faster.


Mixed media updates

Updated the YouTube list and the Links. Scanned old US Cammy art. Updated the Secret Files page (VariousInfo), should also load faster now. More details and pics about Ryu and Kenshiro on Rip Off page 5 (VariousInfo). And a lot more to come.



Updated some details in the rip off section and added Guile. Also added Balrog to Ripf Off page 2 and 5. Lot's of other rip offs to come. Also updated the Links.
Just changed all the dates on this page from 2006 to 2007, sorry for the mistake.


Final Fight CD art

Added Final Fight CD art (Final Fight for SegaCD) ripped by Scrollboss. Also monthly updates (Home). Also added three (!) more Q lookalikes.
Keep visiting, improving and linking to FightingStreet.com on boards and forums about Street Fighter and other video games or animes.


Hokuto No Ken

Added some "Fist Of The North Star" characters to rip off page 5, including Zangief's original. Lot's of other rip offs to come the next days and weeks.


More videos

Added some videos to the YouTube list.


Updates to come

Sorry for the delay. Very busy doing lots of things also some for the site. I hope I can post some videos soon, also trying to make the page load faster and a few other improvements.


More Rip Offs

Added Yun and Yang's girlfiends to Rip Off page 2.


Rip Offs

Added some HNK (Hokuto No Ken/Fist Of The North Star) stuff to Rip Off page 5 (Various Info).


Super busy

I'm having difficulties with some video files I wanted to post. Hope I'll get that fixed soon. Also a bunch of Japanese books should arrive soon, probably a few new scans to post. If you find any dead links or typos, please let me know.


Link repaired

Just realized that the link to the 2nd SSFII "Daily Life" gallery linked to the 1st one. If you find such incorrect links please let me know.


100000 hits!

Thanks for visiting, we've hit the 100K mark!
I put the updates of 2006 on a separate page (see bottom). Updated the YouTube list. Videos and lot's of stuff to come.


Happy New Year!!!
Updated the link pics (banners) in case you want to link to this site. Updated the Links. Added Sonic Hurricane to the affiliates. Updated the Home page (monthly stuff). Right now I'm working on Hokuto No Ken (Fist Of The North Star) stuff.



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