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Part 3:
More of Capcom's rip offs

Here are some more Capcom characters and originals of other games than the Street Fighter series.

You will also find characters that Capcom ripped off of their own characters and some characters that other companies "stole" from Capcom.
Please have some patience while the images load.





Dan & Go Hibiki and various SNK characters

By now you probably all know that Dan Hibiki is a parody of SNK.
He first appeared on a drawing of Sagat of SFII (WW) and was not meant to be an actual character at that time. It was just a beat down guy who looked like a mix of various SNK characters. He had an orange gi and a black shirt under it, just like Ryo Sakazaki and a head like Robert Garcia, both from SNK's Art Of Fighting. Here you can see the original version of Dan on the drawing:

Sagat vs Dan Hibiki
(Sagat vs Dan; Street Fighter II drawing)

Later when the SFZ series came out, Capcom decided to make Dan a special secret character in SFZ1, he had no storyline back then. Eventhough he had a pink gi (to make him more rediculous), they also added the original orange Dan to the game. When you fought Sagat, you could see his fight intro, where he held Dan just like he did on the drawing. This was just a gag.


Like mentioned above, Dan is mostly based on SNK's Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia.
Here you can see a few screenshots of him and Ryo comparing their moves. I got them from a site that no longer exists.

Dan Hibiki and Ryo Sakazaki

Not only do both wear a black t-shirt under their gi, they also have a similar character. Both are very stiff.

Hibiki Sakazaki

Unlike Ryu, Ken and Gouki's Tatsumakisenpuukiakuu, Dan's kick special move looks more SNKish.

Ga-Do-Ken Dan and Ryo

Ga-Do-Ken! This projectile special move is another good example for their similarity


Here you can see a picture of SNK's Robert Garcia, the other SNK character Dan's based on (head).

Robert Garcia by SNK

Dan is also the only character in most Street Fighter games that can taunt several times within one round. He even has a taunt super combo. This is another SNK parody where taunting is more important than in Capcom games.

Dan also seems to be based on Donovan, one of the main characters of Capcom's Vampire/Darkstalkers/Night Warriors series. (Or you could say they're both based on Robert Garcia)
Not only are their names alike, their hairstyle is also similar. Their personalities are completely different though. They are often speculated to be related somehow but there is no evidence or even a hint to it so far.

Dan VS Donovan
(Dan vs Donovan; source: All About Super Puzzle Fighter II X)

Dan's father Go Hibiki, who was killed in a fight against Sagat who lost his right eye, was officially a Muay Thai fighter like Sagat and Adon but for the fun games like Pocket Fighter, Capcom made a more SNKish version of him. He basically looks just like Dan wearing a long nosed "tengu mask" like SNK character Mr. Karate and a green gi with the symbol for "father" on his back. His hair is a little darker than Dan's and he has a beard. Later they announced that he does not wear a mask but that it's actually his face. This punctuates that this version of Go Hibiki is not meant to be taken seriously.

Dan's father in Pocket Fighter SNK's Mr. Karate
(left: Capcom's Go Hibiki; right: SNK's Mr. Karate)




Another Capcom rip off by SNK is Duck King (see Rip Off page 4)



Hokuto and Kasumi Todoh

SNKs Kasumi Todoh (Art Of Fighting, King Of Fighters) has the same colors (white, red, blue) and similar clothing as Hokuto of Arika's Street Fighter EX. Both wear large martial arts pants and a white headband.

While Hokuto is dead serious and quiet, Kasumi is a rather funny character. But their fighting styles (Jiu Jitsu and Aikido) both involve counter attacks and Hokuto is the only SFEX character with couters.
(Thanks to ILIAN for the info)






Sean and Bobby –Brown Bullet–

Sean of Street Fighter III seems to be a rip off of Bobby from Tsuukai GANGAN Koushinkyoku (or just GanGan) also known as Aggressors of Dark Kombat in the Western World. The game by Alpha Denshi Corp. and SNK was released in the mid '90s and is a mix of classic 2D beat em ups and side scrollers like Final Fight. I think they're both on this action card of SNK's SNK VS CAPCOM Card Fighters DS.

Sean of Street Fighter III & Bobby the Bullet of GanGan/

Bobby isn't a very innovative character himself but the commonalities in skin color, yellow dress and the young black basketball player stereotype make Sean an even less innovative creation. Also note the colors of the US flag on Bobby's left leg being quoted with Sean's basketball. Due to the lack of ingenuity with most SFIII characters it's not clear wether Ansatsuken-clone #5 Sean is actually based on him or if the two 2D fighting game characters just look alike.

(Thanks to Neal for sending this one in!)






Remy and Iori/Mick Jagger

Remy, the Frenchman from Street Fighter III, is based on SNK character Iori from the popular King Of Fighters series. They have a similar stance and clothing (both of them wear red pants and black jackets. Also both have the same hairstyle.

Street Fighter 3's Remy and King Of Fighter's Iori

While Iori has a white "c" or moon on the back of his black jacket, Remy has a white capital "omega" on the front of his black jacket. I'm not very SNK educated, maybe there is more.

Iori and Remy SNK Capcom


Mick Jagger (lead singer of the rock band The Rolling Stones) can be seen wearing a black longsleeve with a white Omega in the movie Gimme Shelter (documentary about an infamous free concert in San Francicso).

Mick Jagger Omega Omega Shirt Gimme Shelter
(left: Mick Jagger from Gimme Shelter, click to view larger version; right: click to buy Omega shirt)






Dudley and Lenny/Seth

Lenny of Shadow Hearts (video game) is one of the closest rip offs of a Street Fighter character (Street Fighter III's Dudley). He wears the exact same things (suspenders, bow tie, white shirt,...), he has a dark skin and a deep voice. While Lenny is a butler, Dudley is rich enough to afford his own butler.

Dudley of Street Fighter 3 Lenny of Shadow Hearts
(left: Dudley of SFIII; right: Lenny of Shadow Hearts; click each to view larger versions)

As I got told he also has at least one of Dudley's moves:
The "Corkscrew Blow".

(Thanks to Neal for sending this one in!)


American ghetto child Seth of SNK's The King Of Fighters might have been an inspiration for Dudley, at least clothingwise. Can't find any other similarities.

Dudley of Street Fighter 3Seth of SNK's The King Of Fighters series
(left: Dudley of SFIII; right: Seth of KOF; click each to view larger versions)

(Thanks to Neal for sending this one in!)





Elena and Nadia

Nadia of Fushigi no Umi no Nadia aka Nadia – The Secret of Blue Water has a couple of things in common with SFIII's Elena.

Elena of Street Fighter 3 and Nadia of The Secret of Blue Water

Both are from Kenya but don't really look like they are, due to their bright reddish skin color. They wear bracelettes/necklaces and and a white top. Additionally Nadia wears red textiles to her white top, so does Elena in her 3rd Strike ending, showing her travelling around the world, another thing they seem to have in common, as well as riding bikes and having human and animal friends from all around the globe of course. Elena's background stage from SFIIING also resembles a typical background for Nadia (blue sky, huge white clouds, large tree, flat grass landscape, mountains in the back).

Elena ingame in SFIII New Generatino and in Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike (ending) and Nadia, a possible inspiration
(left: Elena of SFIII fighting and travelling with dog; right: Nadia)

(Thanks to Oliver for this one!)






Necro and Bazoo/Ivan

Necro and Bazoo

They have a similar stance and both have very long arms that reach to the ground

Here you can see the similarity very well.


Both characters have a thin nose, bright skin, paintings or tattoos and they both have suspenders, boots and gloves. Street Fighter III New Generatin is probably older than Rumble Fish so Bazoo is the rip off.

(Thanks to Neal for sending this one in!)


Necro (real name Illiah) seems to be based on Ivan The Terrible of Giant Robo. Ivan is Russian and Necro's stages in SFIII are the Russian Railroad and a roof in Moscov showing the famous catherdrals.

Necro and Ivan

Necro and Ivan have very bright skin, a bald head and a long thin nose. Both have a mark across the eye.

Ivan The Terrible of Giant Robo
(Ivan's mark across the eye)

If you know more similarities, let me know.





G-13EX Zero Gouki and Giant Robo

The big robot named Giant Robo seems to be the main inspiration for Gouki's Cyberbot version, the G-13EX Zero Gouki.

G-13EX Zero GoukiGiant Robo head

As you can see, not only the colors of each body part (red, blue and black) are the same, also the form of the feet and especially the hands are similar.

Zero Gouki and Giant Robo
(left: Cyberbots' ZeroGouki; right: Giant Robo's Giant Robo)


Capcom also used Giant Robo's look for the giant Robo-Raizo statue in Justice High/Rival Schools.
More about it on this website.

Robo-Raizo Rival Schools Justice
(click to view larger image of Robo-Raizo)
(thanks to Mai for this one)






The Secret Organization and the BF group

Gill's Secret Organization in Street Fighter III (later called "The Illuminati") is uniformed with KKKish hoods to cover the face and a weird symbol on the front side that doesn't look like eye holes, just like "The BF Group" of the anime Giant Robo.

Ibuki vs Gill and IlluminatiGiant Robo's FB Group
(left: The Secret Organization; right: The BF Group from the Giant Robo intro; click to enlarge)

They all want to rule the world of course.






Nash/Charlie and Egon Spengler/Devilotte's helper

Nash of the Street Fighter Zero series has blond hair and a crazy hairstyle just like Egon Spengler of "The Real Ghostbusters" and both of them wear glasses. So Nash could be based on Egon.

Nash Charlie and Egon Spengler

I got this one from the Videogame Lookalikes site.

Nash and one of Devilotte's two helpers (Capcom's Cyberbots) with the green face and the Frankenstein's monster look have the same hair style and wear glasses. The guy has a face shape like Nash's friend Guile.

Devilotte of Cyberbots






Makoto and Akane Tendo/Shun

Makoto might be based on Akane Tendo of Ranma.

MakotoRanma's Akane Tendo

Makoto wears her ribbon around her neck, not her forehead, the rest is identical (bright yellow karate ki, short black hair,...).

Rumours are, that Makoto was originally planned to be Ryu's sister and might be influenced by Shun, Ryu's little brother in the Street Fighter Zero/Alpha anime:

Shun of Street Fighter Zero/Alpha

(Shun from the Street Fighter Zero anime)

(Thanks to an anonymous visitor for sending this one in!)

Makoto Tsumura does her voice in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. Maybe that's where she got her name from.

(pointed out by felineki on the SRK forum)





Seth and Dr. Manhattan

Besides the Silver Surfer and about a million other characters, a lookalike of Seth is Dr. Manhattan (real name Dr. Jon Osterman) from the comic Watchmen. Right before SFIV the Watchmen movie was a big hit and Dr. Manhattan's lab, poses and abilities are surprisingly similar to Seth's, who's name is said to be based on Capcom's Seth Killian.

Despite their unusual looks, Seth and Manhattan tend to dress properly for certain occasions.

(Thanks to Samuel Cazetta Arlindo for this one)






Retsu and Riko's grandfather

In the anime series Street Fighter II V Ryu works with a man named Somabito (thanks to vasili10 for translating the name) who is also the grandfather of Riko, the girl that gives Ryu her beads.
He looks a lot like SFI character Retsu. Both are quite old, have a bald head and bushy eyebrows. They also both wear dark vests.

Retsu and Somabito of Street Fighter II V
(left: Retsu in Dan's SFZ1 artwork; right: Somabito in the 1st episode of SFIIV)







Rockman/Mega Man and Astro Boy

Capcom character Rockman aka Mega Man who appeared in MvsC 1 & 2 seems to be a rip off of cartoon character Astro Boy, look at the pic:

Rockman Megaman Astro Boy

Both are robot boys with simple looks and well you see the similarity.
More info on the lil fella:
I guess is the official Astro Boy site.
Note: You need Macromedia Flash support to view the site.





The SFIII New Generation look-alikes

In SFIII NG Capcom included lot's of sub characters that look like old Capcom characters. Why? No idea, they just did. Here you'll find some, I don't know if I found all though.


Adon (of Street Fighter I)

In Elena's stage after you fell down the bridge there are sometimes two Muay Thai fighters grabbling in the background. The right one looks a hell lot like Adon. If Adon had green pants he would look just like this guy.

Adon in Street Figher III New Generation?
(Unknown Muay Thai fighters in Elena's stage in SFIIING)
(Thanks to Neal for the screenshots!)



Tessan Hagane (of Cyberbots)

One of the Ninjas in Ibuki's stage looks like Tessan Hagane of Cyberbots. His name is Raion.

Raion, ninja from Ibuki's clan Tessan Hagane of Cyberbots

Face and body shape and the big beads (similar to those of Gouki) plus the blue and white clothing make me think that he really is based on Tessan. Both of them also carry a traditional metal rod with rings.

Raion in Ibuki's Street Fighter III New Generatoin stage Tessan Hagane of Cyberbots
(left: Raion in Ibuki's SFIIING stage; right: Tessan in Cyberbots drawing holding a similar rod)
(Thanks to Neal for the screenshot!)



Geki (of Street Fighter I)

Another ninja named Enjou is often taken to be Geki of Street Fighter I because they look so much alike.

Enjou, ninja from Ibuki's clan  Geki from SFI

He's hanging upside down from a tree while you fight in Ibuki's SFIIING stage and if Ibuki loses he's slowly hovering down. He's masked and armed with claws like Geki, the color of his ninja suit is different (Geki was purple) and he has a scar across the eye.

Enjou in Ibuki's Street Fighter III New Generation stage
(Enjou in Ibuki's SFIIING stage)
(Thanks to Neal for the screenshot!)



Cammy, Sally Karin and Chun-Li (of Street Fighter)
The judges of SFIII seem to be based on already existing Street Fighter characters.
Anna looks like Cammy in a fur coat.
Lilly looks like Sally, Dhalsmim's wife. She's obviously an Indian, too.
Julia looks a bit like Karin of SFZ3 and also seems to be rich.
The three judges that look like triplets have hair like Chun-Li.
For more on this check out the SFIII judges page.




other speculated rip offs

Some rumoured and often discussed rip offs:


-Gouki/Akuma, Gouken, Goutetsu (their master) and Sheng Long
Sheng Long (EGM's hoax) seems to be an inspiration for Capcom's Gouki/Akuma of Super Street Fighter II X/Super Street Fighter II Turbo (more on this here). His and Goutetsu's beads seem to be based on his brother's design (Gouken) who first appeared in the "Ryu VS" manga. It's not clear wether Capcom based their design of Gouken on the manga or if they told Kanzaki how to draw him. More about Gouki and Gouken coming soon on Rip Off page 5 (HNK).

(from left to right: Sheng Long, Gouken, Gouki)


-Elena and Storm (of X-MEN)
They are both black and have white hair. Yeah, not much.

X-Men's Storm, Street Fighter's Elena

-Oro and Yoda (Star Wars)
they are both old and wizenly and Oro might become Ryu's teacher like Yoda teaches those eh...jedi guys, sorry I don't know much about Start Wars but anyway...

-Allen Snider of SFEX and Chuck Norris
because they have a similar hairstyle (sideburns) ie in the movie where Bruce Lee kills him.




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