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Site Of The Month
Street Fighter Moves



Street Fighter Moves @ My Modern Metropolis.

Didn't have much time to check what's new lately so here's something I just stumbled upon.

Wallpaper Of The Month
Juri Christmas Wallpaper XMAS


Juri/Glitterballs Wallpaper:

1024 x 768

A little late for Christmas but in the news they said that officially, according to the Christian calendar, Christmas season ends at the beginning of the next year. Anyway, get it while it's hot!

Audio Of The Month
Joystick Madness by WordSpit


Watch the video to WordSpit’s first single from his album Joystick Madness, an “8bit experience”.

Video Of The Month
Street Fighter Zero 2 Japanese live action cosplay show


Here’s a whacky but well put together cosplay show on Street Fighter Zero 2. Got this one submitted a whole while ago but had no time to update.