Guy, Rena and Maki

Super rare old drawing of biker Maki from Final Fight 2, scanned from Japanese Club Capcom mag, has been added to the artwork section for you to enjoy! Also added Capcom World 2 sprite rips of SF and FF charas from ScrollBoss.


Various updates

Small updates in related games (Various Info), Links, Movies/TV(broken links), Things2Buy, also started a list of things Capcom USA changed.
Added Urien to Rip Offs page 2.



Links correction: Arika is not Akiman's company. The founder is Nishitani Akira, not Yasuda Akira.
Always correct me to improve the site! Also report dead links as much as possible, please!


Monthly updates

Usual updates (Home) and deleted a few obsolete links. Also rearranged lots of things.



Added the super fresh site Red Cyclone to the affiliates. More updates to come soon, thanks for your support, everybody!


Final Fight 1 charas

Added Axl and Slash to the rip off page 4 as well as Dr. Mashirito's gilrs from Dr. Slump to rip off page 5 (Various Info).


Streets Of Fire

Added another Streets Of Fire post to the rip off section (Various Info). Also new links.



I updated the Links. Also added another post of Remy in the rip off section (Various Info).


Cammy sketch

Added another SSFII sketch. More updates coming soon. Thanks for your support.


Yet more lost old SSFII art

Scanned some very rare sketches from Super Street Fighter II of the new challengers. Also the usual Homepage updates. I think I accidently deleted a few mails with a bunch of spam mails, so sorry if you sent me any mails yesterday or today and send em again.


Even more scans

Additional SSFII scans of Feilong, Cammy and Balrog. Also updated the Links. Added Zangief easter egg,


Lotta new scans

SSFII scans are complete (T. Hawk, Zangief, Sagat and Vega). Also added SFI art (scans) and Birdie and Bogey (Various Info).


New pics

Added new pics of Remy and Iori to rip off page 3 (Various Info). Also four new scans of Guile, Ken, Mike Bison and Ryu from the rare old SSFII drawings, that were later used in SSFIIX.


More SSFII scans

Got some more scans: Dee Jay, Feilong, Dhalsim and E. Honda.


Various Info & scans

Brand new scans of rare old art from SSFII! Also new content in the various info section and I updated the Links again.


Links & Rip Offs

Added a Dudley rip off and a few Links including UltraCombos.


Monthly updates

Updated the Home page and the SSFIIX endings, it seems I had never posted the endings of the 4 new challangers. Also added info and pics of Feilong's director and Nash to rip off page 1 and 3. (more to come).



I added some pics to various existing sections all over the site. Also removed some dead links and fixed some stuff here and there.


Giant Robo

There are three new rip offs from Giant Robo (Necro, ZeroGouki and Gill's Secret Organization).


Artwork category

Added "Vaious Capcom games" to the artwork index. Also added a few pics to Sodom's ripf offs (rip off page 4).



Fixed a few things and added a few banners.
This page (updates) got too long, so I put the old updates on a separate one.


Various updates

Monthly updates (Home) and some image replacements to speed up the loading process of your browser. Added Edi E and Belger to the rip offs.


More Final Fight rip offs

Added Ken to rip off page 2 and Cody, Jessica, Guy, Sodom and a new pic of Two P to rip off page 4. Fixed some links and rearranged minor stuff. Added another YouTube video to the list. More updates to come!



YouTube list updated (added some links and fixed some stuff).


Videos and more Rip Offs

YouTube video list added. Updated some links. More character rip offs (Haggar, Poison, Abigail) in the Various Info section.



I switched rip off page 4 and 5 (Various Info), this order makes more sence. The newest uncut release of Street Fighter II The Animated Movie comes with a comic by Studio Udon!


Rip Offs

Added Makoto (SFIII 3S) and Area (SFEX3) to ther rip offs (Various Info). Working on Rip Off page 4 & 5.


Various Info

Finally an update! A new post in the Various Info section about Shadaloo and their possible connetion to the nazis.



Due to some things I'm working on I haven't had any time to update. I'll add the promised Fist Of The North Star stuff and some items in the Things2Buy section, this month. Thanks for your support!
(Didn't mention the last monthly update of the homepage, just did the new one for August, not much, but better than nothing.)
EDIT: Added a riddle (FunStuff).


Lots of updates

Added Zangief to the Rip Off section as well as an original for Rolento.
EDIT 05/21/06:
Decided to do add a few "Fist Of The North Star" characters to the rip offs together including Zangief and Rolento, coming soon.
Added SFZ3 artwork. Better late then never, updated the monthly stuff (Home). Updated the Links and fixed a few things.



Last scans of SFII V cards are done. Also added a few links here and there like this site (thanks to Neal for the link). SFIII 3rd Strike secret file is scanned and will be uploaded soon!


And it don't stop...

New version of the Plot Guide (just a little update for V4.4) in the Links section and more cards. Also rearranged the Rip Off section again (Various Info) and fixed some broken links. If you find any broken links or mistakes on the site, let me know.


Honda, Sagat & more

Updated Honda's bath-house (Various Info) added Sagat's buddha statue (Various Info) and added some more cards of SFII V (Things2Buy) plus some cool printable Capcom riddles (FunStuff). Also updated the 5th rip off page: Rolento (Various Info).



Added some new Bandai cards of SFII V, even more to come!


Mad Gear, Plot Guide

Added the title "Mad Gear" to the Related Games (Various Info).
Newest edition (4.4) of the Plot Guide by Tiamat in the Links section.


Various Updates

Updated the Rip Off section (Q on page 2 ) in the Various Info folder, added some Links.
The newest version of TiamatRoar's Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide is complete and will be uploaded soon.


Monthly updates

Fixed a few things, updated the Home page and added the alternate Chun-Li sprite to the XVS section (portrait sprites) thanks to scrollboss. Also added scrollboss to the affiliates (Links). Coming soon: Artwork Scans, Bandai Cards


X-Men VS Street Fighter

Added some XVS sprites. Thanks to scrollboss!


Mega Man & Dragonball

It's April the 1st so don't let nobody fool you.
Added Rockman/Mega Man's SF moves to the Various Info section and updated the Dragonball page of the Rip Off section.
Thanks for visiting!



Sorry, I forgot to actually upload the new stuff, just posted it as updated. Anyway here you go:
Various Info > Rip Off pages 1-5. I also rearranged lot's of stuff in the Rip Off section so don't get confused.


Plot Guide & other updates

TiamatRoar released a new update of the Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide (Ver.4.3). You can always find the newest version on the Links page. I also updated some other links.
Various Info Section:
Added two more pages for the Rip Offs, like mentioned in the last update.


Where are the updates?

Now I have a lot to do and I can't promise to update within the next days but I'm planning two more pages for the rip offs (one with Mad Gear and one with Dragonball). Also thanks for your submittions and mails, I'll get to it I promise! Meanwhile check out the newest SFA3 verion for PSP and the Final Fight Streetwise page (yeah they screwed guy but he looks kinda cool with his scarface suit).



Updated Home, Links and Twelve's section of the RipOff page 2 (Various Info). I will update again soon.


More Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

Here's the full body art of SFIII3S (complete)! Thanks for visiting.


Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

I got a few minutes so here's the SFIII3S portrait sprite set. More updates to come soon!



As you can see I updated the monthly stuff but I just don't have any time right now, so this and next week there will probably be no updates. As soon as I got time I'll ad some scans and rare stuff and things2buy. Thanks for your understanding. And Happy New Year!


Pre 2006 Updates