Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Fighting Street supposed to mean?

"Fighting Street" was the alternate name of "Street Fighter"or "Street Fighter I" the first Street Fighter game ever.
You can find it as Fighting Street for PC Engine. It was renamed from Street Fighter to Fighting Street to show the difference to the arcade version. There is also a Windows XP version of Street Fighter I & II out now.



2. Why do you call Balrog "Bison", Vega "Balrog" and M. Bison "Vega"?

In the original Japanese Street Fighter games the boxer is called "M. Bison", the cage fighter from Spain is "Balrog" and the boss is "Vega". M. Bison is a copy of heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson. His full name is Mike Bison.
Capcom USA didn't want to get sued so they changed the names in the US versions (and European versions). M. Bison became Balrog, Balrog became Vega and Vega became M. Bison so the name "M. Bison" couldn't be associated to Mike Tyson.
In all American games the names stayed like that and of course in all comics, movies and other merch.
I use the Japanese names since they are the original names and still used today in Japan where all the SF games come from.
Why they didn't just give M. Bison (boxer) a new name instead of switching 3 characters' names?
I don't know.



3. Are there other characters that have different names over here than in Japan?

Yes, but there is no other name switching of several characters.
The following characters have two names. The second is the US/EUR name, the first is always the original JAP name.

Gouki = Akuma
M. Bison = Balrog
Nash = Charlie
Satsui No Hadou Ryu or just Ryu = Evil Ryu
Vega = M. Bison
Shin Gouki = Shin/Super Akuma
Balrog = Vega

In addition to the characters there are also lot's of games that have different names. "Super Street Fighter II Turbo" is "Super Street Fighter II X" in Japan and the SF Alpha games are SF Zero games in Japan. Don't know why, if you do or have a good theory, let me know.

On this website whenever a name is written like this: Nash/Charlie or a game name like this: Super Street Fighter II X/Super Street Fighter II Turbo, the first one is the original Japanese name and the second is the US/EUR name.



4. Do you speak Japanese? Can you translate this for me?

No, unfortunately not. Sorry.



5. Can I work for your site too?

I don't really need anybody for the usual things. All I need is someone who can translate from Japanese to English or from Japanese to German. I have lot's of Japanese merch and books that I don't understand since I don't speak Japanese. I could supply you with scans of rare Capcom and Street Fighter books and comics that you can use for your own site and you translate them for me.
If someone out there is interested send me a mail.



6. Can I use this or that from your site?

Go ahead, just don't claim you made it.



7. Why do you write your site's name on so many image files?

Because lot's of people don't want to pay or waste webspace and so they link directly to the image files instead of saving them to their own server which I have to pay for eventually. That's why I write "" on the pics so people who visit their site and see the pics know where they are from.



8. What is "Shad" supposed to mean?

I use it as a shortcut for Shadaloo/Shadowlaw/Shadoloo/etc. because there are so many ways to write it and it shows up quite often. If I write "Shad Cammy", I mean the Shadaloo version of Cammy from the SFZ series. If I just write "Shad" I mean Vega's organisation and so on.



9. How can I help?

You can let me know if you find a mistake, even if it's just a typo. I always try to add new things but also to improve and correct existing content.

You can also help to get more visits by posting links on forums or other websites (but please don't spam). This will make more Street Fighter fans aware of the site and will also raise the possibility of being found by a search engine such as Google.

I made this help page that lists what else you can do.