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01. 19XX (The War Against Destiny)

19XX capcom shmup
This one is about the game 19XX, one of those scrolling shooters that were very popular in the past. I don't know if the cover is a parody on anything but maybe on professional magazines about planes and military vehicles?


02. D
ungeons & Dragons (Shadow over Mystara)

d & d dungeons & dragons
Good old D&D side scrollers. The Secret File looks like an old secret book and it features great artwork of Dungeons and Dragons.


03. Street Fighter Zero 2/Alpha 2*

street fighter zero 2 secret file skjura
This Secret File is mainly about Sakura but also has art of other SFZ2 characters. I don't know what it's a parody on since the inside looks different from the cover.


04. Super Puzzle Fighter II X/Turbo*

spfiix puzzle fighter turbo
This is probably the Secret File with most pages. The artwork isn't great if you ask me but it's still full of funny stuff. Probably a parody on some comic.


05. Rockman 2/Mega Man 2 (The Power Fighters)

rockman mega man 2 secret file
Your favorite little robot boy got his own Secret File. You might call him Mega Man but in Japan it's Rockman. This secret file is on Rockman 2.


06. Start Gladiator: Episode I (Final Crusade)

star gladiator
This is a really good Secret File, it features a tooth paste commercial by Saturn (a DeeJay-like smiling character from Star Gladiator) and looks like a mag or brochure on Toys.


07. Quiz Nanairo Dreams (Nijiirotyou No Kiseki)

secret file quiz dreams capcom kiseki
Not sure what this is a parody on, maybe a teenager magazine. Aalso never played the game.


08. Warzard/Red Earth

red earth warzard secret file capcom
Tabasa/Tessa from Warzard/Red Earth was a selectable character in Pocket Fighter and also in SvsC Chaos. Other characters of this game also had appearances in Pocket Fighter. Maybe it's supposed to be a parody on a fairy-tale book.


09. Street Fighter EX 1*

skullomania street fighter ex  secret file
Here we have a parody on the GIJoe action figures. As you might know there was a Street Fighter II line of GIJoe figures out and they looked quite like this. The Secret File is a must for all Skullomania fans.


10. Street Fighter III New Generation

new generation street fighter secret file
This one looks like a newspaper or tabloid, I don't know if it's a specific Japanese tabloid. It featrues stories about SF characters for example a fight between Alex and M. Bison (top photo).


11. Battle Circuit

battle circuit secret file 11 capcom
Probably a parody on some comic. Never played this game but uhm well it has some funny art of Battle Circuit. Don't know what else to say about it.


12. Vampire Saviour (The Lord Of Vampire)/Darkstalkers 3

flyer vampire saviour darkstalkers 3
The Vampire Saviour Secret File has some artwork that was also posted in artbooks such as the Capcom Design Works book. It's not the best Secret File if you ask me but it's ok.


13. Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter*

msh marvel super heroes street fighter
This one has a lot of Norimaro flavor and is supposed to look like a magazine on tyos and collectibles I think.


14. X-Men VS Street Fighter*

x-men street fighter marvel comic
Since the X-Men of X-Men vs Street Fighter are Marvel characters this one looks like Marvel comic or like the ingame graphics of the game that show up on the loading screen.


15. Pocket Fighter*

pocket fighter capcom flyer
The Pocket Fighter Secret File looks like a capsule machine and the characters are capsule figures.


16. Street Fighter III 2nd Impact (Giant Attack)

hugo 2nd impact secret file
This one is really good, it has Hugo and Elena as a parody on King Kong and inside there is a fight between Hugo and Urien that reminds me of King Kong vs Godzilla or some other Godzilla fight.


17. Justice High/Rival Schools (Legion Of Heroes)*

rival schools secret file justice high legion
The Rival Schools Secret File is made up like a school map with pictures and notes written on a paper.


18. Marvel vs Capcom (Clash Of Super Heroes)*

mvc marvel capcom bamphlet
This one looks like some kind of Japanese Action Man with two different outfits, one is Capctain Commando, the other one is Venom, both from Marvel VS Capom 1.


19. Start Gladiator 2 (Nightmare Of Bilstein)

star gladiator 2 secret file capcom
The cover says "S FILE" for Secret File and this one is a parody on magazines with models posing. It has female Star Gladiator characters in bikinis and such stuff.


20. Street Fighter EX 2*

street fighter ex 2
Anabolika? Not sure what it says but it looks like some drug. This one's on Street Fighter EX 2 and has some cool artwork of the characters. I really like this one.


21. Street Fighter Zero 3*

Street Fighter Alpha Zero 3 making of R. Mika Rainbow
On the cover of this Secret File you can see R. Mika and her trainings partner, sorry I forgot her name. It looks like a wrestling magazine.


22. Kikaioh/Tech Romancer

Tech Romancer drawings paintings sketches artwork
This one is about Tech Romancer and looks like a model kit of the mechs.



23. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Dictionary Secret File Scan Photograph
The text on the cover reads "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Dictionary". The inside looks like a travel guide.


24. Power Stone
Power Stone Secret File Capcom Art Picture Image
This one looks like a wrapped chocolate candy item.


25. Street Fighter III 3rd Strike*

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Chun-Li Chunli
Cover looks like an old TV with a Chun-Li commercial. The inside is like a fan book to a SFIII movie or show with actors dressed up as SFIII characters. The image of Chun-Li without the tv frame can be found in various artbooks.



26. Strider-Hiryu

Strider Hiryu Secret File Capcom Flyer
This Secret File has LEGO toy look ("MODULE"). It's the latest Secret File.


DX Secret File Cyberbots Pop Up book*

Pop Up Secret File Cyberbots
These are the only two Deluxe Secret Files I know. They're both part of the recommendable Limited Edition set of Cyberbots which you can get on ebay for a decent price. This secret file is not a small mag but a one page pop-up-book of the Zero Gouki and the Super 8 model fighting in the sea.

DX Secret File Cyberbots Artbook*

Cyberbots Deluxe Secret File Artbook G-12EX ZeroGouki
This one is a great artbook (about 50 pages) from the same set as the one above. It features lot's of art, some of which you won't find in any other artbooks not even in the much larger Gamest Mook Cyberbots artbook. It also has the typical Secret Files nonsence at the end.



Secret File 20th Issue Commemorative

20th Issue Commemorative Secret File Capcom
It's a folder to put all your secret files in. It was released with the 20th issue (see above SFEX2) and had reprints of all Secret Files from 1-20.



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