Street Fighter II The World Warriors artwork

Various old art scanned from the book "Complete File Street Fighter II" :

Ryu posing Street Fighter 2 Ken Hadoken Hadouken Street Fighter II
Balrog aka Vega posing Vega aka M. Bison posing Guile Street Fighter fighting stance
Chun-Li Genryusai Zangief jumping kick Street Fighter 2


An old SFII shirt with crappy art that I haven't seen anywhere else yet. (Click to view larger version)
Rare Street Fighter II shirt

A sticker with character bios and unique bust art of each of the 8 selectable characters of SFII WW. They later added art of the 4 bosses for following games but they did not have new art, just copies of other boss art. (Click to view larger version)
Old Street Fighter II art