Super Riddle Fighter II X ???


Ok, here are some Capcom riddles from the Japanese Cap! Magazine (Club Capcom).
They are large printable JPG files. When you have completed a riddle correctly, it will reveal an image, and it's always Capcom game related.


Riddle 1

Riddle 2

Riddle 3

I have the answers for riddle 1 and 2. But try it yourself first, it's fun. WARNING, CAN TAKE A WHILE!





How to play:

On the left and top of each row and column you see numbers. These numbers are the length of filled blocks in that row/column.
For example if it says 3 8 5 left of a row, that means you first have
3 filled blocks, then at least 1 empty block or more,
then 8 filled blocks, then at least 1 empty block or more,
then 5 filled blocks, then end of the row or some more empty blocks.

The problem: You don't know where exactly the filled block lines start or end, only how long they are and you don't know how much room is between them, but it's always at least 1 empty block.

How to solve it: If you know that in one row there is one large filled block line, for example 30, then you know, a certain amount of blocks in that row has to be filled because no matter if the 30 blocks start at the left side of the row or the right side, or in the middle, a few of the blocks are always filled.
Fill these blocks. Go on and on and also try the columns, and so on until you have the complete picture.

Result/Tip: In the end you'll have a picture that looks like an LCD screen with only filled and empty blocks. Make a dot or someting into the empty blocks that you know for sure stay empty.



Find The Difference

Here is a little Street Fighter Zero 3 riddle from the Japanese Cap! magazine. Can you find the mistakes in the right picture? Click image to view larger version.