Gamest Mooks

Gamest Mooks (Magazine + Book = Mook) are dedicated to video games. Most are Guides or Artbooks (or both).
All Gamest Mooks were published in Japan by Sinseisha* and are written in Japanese of course.
Most of them are very well made and since there are a lot of Capcom related Gamest Mooks I made a list of all of the books I could find online.
Click here for the list.
Shinseisha also released the well known Gamest Magazine (some Issues of Gamest Magazines are Gamest Mooks) and Gamest Comics, both of which feature many Street Fighter and Capcom related issues.

I think "Arcadia" is the reincarnation of Gamest, don't know if that is the official story but I think so. For more check out



The MadMans Cafe ( posted this on 9/12/99:

" Shinseisha Co., well known for their arcade game magazine Gamest, announced their decision to file bankruptcy due to their lack of funds and unnegociable standpoints in finding other resources . Shinseisha's decision was announced in 9/6/99, one day after their accounting was marked in red ink.  
While not much has been announced by Shinseisha themselves, witnesses reveal that the office and its ground level arcade center as well as their basement level game merchandise store, were in full operation until the day before. As of the current, the facilities are no longer opened.   
In addition to Shinseisha Co., their subsidiaries- Shinseisha Publishing and Marugeya, are scheduled to go under the same paperwork and fate"