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I don't take any responsibility for other websites that you can find in the link section or on other parts of FightingStreet.com. If you feel a strong urge to tell me why one particular website must be taken down from the list by all means, then send me a mail but your chances are low.

If you have a nice website and I like it, I might add it to the links.
If you have a very good website (big or small) with a clean layout and something other sites don't have and that fits to my site then I might add you to the affiliates. Don't get pissed if I don't add you!

I make mistakes. I might be wrong with things I say. Don't run around and tell everybody that he sucks because I say something different, most of my info posted here is from other people who I think are credible. That's all. I can't read Japanese so I depend on others who can translate texts for me. I have to take what they give me as official but they're only human so they might make mistakes, too.
I try to always give sources, if I didn't you can still always ask.

You can always send me info or something rare that you think should be added to a certain section. You can also send Artwork or pictures of Capcom merchandise products but ask me if I don't already have it, or you might waste your time scanning them.

If you need info on a certain good in the "Things2Buy" section don't hesitate to ask. Those items with a * are the ones I own and can inform you about.

I always take time to anwser any questions I can.


About the site

This site is meant to be an archive for info and artwork of Capcom's Street Fighter games and related game series such as Final Fight. I wanted to make a website that can exist without being updated regularly. My two paragons were the Street Fighter Grand Archive (http://www.geocities.com/liquidfists/)
and Street Fighter Legends (http://www.chikapu.com/streetfighterlegends)
that both have not been updated for a long time but still stay online and are visited due to their unique contents. There are lot's of news sites and forums about Capcom games and FS.com will not be another forum or news site, it's a growing archive.


FightingStreet.com could not exist without your submittions, corrections and wishes.
I try to keep the info on this website about Capcom games and the characters as close to the original Japanese games as possible. Unfortunately Capcom USA changed enormous amounts of Capcom Japan's work. They keep changing and screwing up storylines, names and whole characters. It would be impossible for me to stick to the original canon (the truth if you will) without the Shoryuken.com forum and the Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide by TiamatRoar.
Other important screen names are Saiki, sano, vasili10 (lot's of translations) and Golden Dragon who have all contributed to the Plot Guide and answered many of my questions.


Usually emails will be answered quite quickly (a few days) but there might be times where I'm too busy to reply or care about the site in general. Please note that the big spam problem (unwanted commercial emails) also affects me and that I might be forced to change my email address from time to time.
To see the current mail address just hit up the hompage (Home).


I will try to keep the site online and updated but I can't promise to have time to update it regularly. I will update when I have time and feel like it. Like with all other topics on this page, accept it or just make your own site.

Thanks for your time and support.