Mad Gear/LED Storm

(Mad Gear, Japanese title screen)



In the late 80s Capcom released a racing game in Japan named Mad Gear.
The US version was called LED Storm or L.E.D. Storm.
Below you can see some screenshots:

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Capcom often reuses names of characters or games in other games and so they did with the title Mad Gear. In the game Final Fight they named the gang that was terrorizing Metro City "The MAD GEAR Gang".

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In an old SFII drawing you can see Blanka buying ice cream and a girl wearing a white t-shirt saying "Mad Gear". It doesn't seem to have any meaning, it's just a little easter egg and probably relates to the racing game, not the gang in Final Fight.
This image can be found in the book Complete File Street Fighter II.

(the girl to the left wears a Mad Gear shirt)