Ken's stage in SFZ2

In Ken's Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 2 stage you can see a lot of easter egg appearances in the background. It's Eliza's birthday party (Ken's gf/wife) on Ken's boat and everybody's dressed up as a Capcom character, it's not the actual characters themselves.

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These are the characters from left to right:

01.Zabel/Lord Raptor (Vampire Savior, playing guitar)
He's from the Vampire/Darkstalkers series. This is what he looked like when he was a rock star, before he died and came back as a Zombie.

02.Hsien Ko/Lei Lei
She's from the Vampire/Darkstalkers series and also appeared in Puzzle and Pocket Fighter.

03.Mei Ling/Lin Lin
She's from Vampire/Darkstalkers, too (she is Hsien Ko's sister who usually appears as a tag on Hsien Ko's hat) and also appeared in Puzzle and Pocket Fighter.

04.Unknown Soldier player 1 (Forgotten Worlds, holding plate)
He also appeared in McsC1 as one of the helper characters you could call to make one attack.

05.Unknown Soldier player 2 (Forgotten Worlds, mohawk)
Player 2 had a soldier like player 1 but in a different color in Forgotten Worlds. He also appeared in Final Fight as a member of the Mad Gear Gang names "P Two" for Player 2.

06.Morrigan (Vampire Savior)
She's one of the main characters of the Vampire/Darkstalkers
series and appeared in MvsC and CvsS.

07.Jumbo, I think. (Slammasters, He has on a championship belt, and is drinking.)

08.Biff Slamkovich. (Slammasters, Next to Jumbo, with headband, tassles)

This is Ken's girlfriend/wife (herself, not a costume)

10.Ginzu (Captain Commando)
This is the Ninja of Captain Commando

11.CapCom (Captain Commando)

12.Michelle Heart (that's little wings on her head)

13.Strider Hiryu* (Strider)
Popular Capcom character who also appeared in MvsC1&2 with a teddy* bear under his arm.

14.Linn Kurosawa (Alien vs. Predator)
Capcom once made an Alien vs. Predator game that had a FinalFight-like gameplay. She was one of the characters in the game.

15.Felicia (Vampire Savior)
Another main character of the Vampire/Darkstalkers series.


17.Servant/Kenzou Sujimoto** (some guy at Capcom, apparently!)

The list was put up by LucasBishop and Siegfried of the Forum, I only added the text in italic.



Ultima quoted this at the SRK forum, not sure who originally posted it:

The teddy bear appearance was done to remember a certain programmer, who worked on a port of Strider for the Japanese NEC SuperGrafx. This system was supposed to be hyped as one of the most powerful home systems of its era, possessing hardware that was supposed to be comparable to what the arcades had during that time. People have said that there was a lot of pressure by the company to make this specific port of Strider the best home port possible. Capcom wanted it to not only be as good as the arcade... but even better.
This specific programmer worked long, tireless hours with deadlines fast approaching. Unfortunately, he got so extremely stressed with the monumental task, he snapped and committed suicide as a result. The SuperGrafx version of Strider never did get completed, and the SuperGrafx itself ended up becoming a dud of a system, due to lack of titles. Only less than 6 games have been reported to have been created for it altogether.
The guy loved teddy bears, so that is why the Strider cameo holds one in his honor.


Golden Hell
stated this at the SRK forum:

Kenzo Tsujimoto was also a producer in Van Damme's Street Fighter flick and executive producer in the American versions of the SF and Mega-Man cartoons.
IMDB also lists that he played an A.N. Commander in the Van Damme movie. I always heard that he was the cook that was left behind in the deserted A.N. base after the troops left to fight Bison.