The Street Fighter series

Bold text = game group, for example SFII is a game group and the different SFII versions are listed in that group
Text in brackets = Subtitles, sometimes the only difference of two game's titles, on the other hand sometimes one game has several subtitles
Game names separated with a slash "/" = left of the slash is the original JAP name, right side is the US/EUR name
Game names sparated with a semicolon ";" = exactly the same game with different names, still from the same country

Not included are all the little LCD games like mobile phone games, the Pocketstation SFZ3 game etc.


Steet Fighter I
Street Fighter; Fighting Street

Street Fighter II
Street Fighter II (The World Warriors)
Street Fighter II' (Champion Edition); Street Fighter II' (Special Champion Edition)
Street Figher II' Turbo (Hyper Fighting); Street Fighter II' (Hyper Fighting)
Super Street Fighter II (The New Challangers)
Super Street Fighter II (The Tournament Battle)
Super Street Fighter II X (Grandmaster Challenge)/Super Street Fighter II Turbo (The Ultimate Challenge)
Super Street Fighter II X for Matching Service (Grandmaster Challange)
Super Street Fighter II X Revival/Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival
Hyper Street Fighter II (The Anniversary Edition)

Street Fighter III
Street Fighter III (New Generation)
Street Fighter III 2nd Impact (Giant Attack)
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (Fight For The Future)


The Street Fighter Zero/Alpha series

Street Fighter Zero 1
Street Fighter Zero (Warriors' Dreams)

Street Fighter Zero 2
Street Fighter Zero 2/Street Fighter Alpha 2/
Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha/Street Fighter Zero 2'/Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold

Street Fighter Zero 3
Street Fighter Zero 3/Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Saikyo DOJO)
Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper/Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper
Street Fighter Zero 3 for Matching Service (Saikyo DOJO)


The Street Fighter EX series

Street Fighter EX
Street Fighter EX
Street Fighter EX plus
Street Fighter EX plus alpha

Street Fighter EX 2
Street Fighter EX 2
Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS

Street Fighter EX3
Street Fighter EX3


The Street Figher Chibi Style games

Puzzle Fighter
Super Puzzle Fighter II X/Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
Super Puzzle Fighter II X for Matching Service

Pocket Fighter
Pocket Fighter/Super Gem Fighter (Mini Mix)

Fever Street Fighter II

The Marvel VS series

X-Men VS Street Fighter
Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter
Marvel VS Capcom (Clash Of Heroes)
Marvel VS Capcom 2 (New Age Of Super Heroes)


The SNK VS series

SNK VS Capcom
SNK VS Capcom (Choujou Kessen Saikyo Fighters)/(Fight Of The Millenium)
SNK VS Capcom (SVC Chaos)

SNK VS Capcom Card Fighters
SNK VS Capcom (Gekitotsu Card Fighters)/(Card Fighter's Clash)
SNK VS Capcom (Gekitotsu Card Fighters 2)/(Card Fighter's Clash 2)/(Card Fighter's Clash 2 Expand Edition)

Capcom VS SNK
Capcom VS SNK
Capcom VS SNK PRO (Millenium Fight 2000)

Capcom VS SNK 2


Other Street Fighter games

Street Fighter The Ultimate Battle (Van Damme Movie)
Street Fighter (Real Battle On Film)/(The Movie)

Street Fighter II The Animated Movie
Street Fighter II Movie (Interactive)

Capcom vs. Psikyo All-Stars (Taisen Net Gimmick)

Street Fighter Related game series

The Final Fight series

Final Fight 1

Final Fight
Final Fight Guy
Final Fight CD
Final Fight One

Final Fight 2
Final Fight 2

Final Fight 3
Final Fight 3/Final Fight Tough

Final Fight Revenge

Final Fight Revenge (Violent Storm Rising)

Mighty Final Fight
Mighty Final Fight

The Muscle Bomber series

Muscle Bomber I
Muscle Bomber (The Body Explosion)/Saturday Night Slammasters
Muscle Bomber Duo (Heat Up Warriors)/Muscle Bomber Duo (Ultimate Team Battle)

Muslce Bomber II
Super Muscle Bomber (The International Blowout)/(Ring Of Destruction:) Slam Masters II

Other games featuring Street Fighter character "Gouki"

X-Men (Children Of The Atom)
Cyberbots (Full Metal Madness)

ther games featuring Street Fighter character "R. Mika"

Startling Adventures

ther games featuring Street Fighter character "Sakura"

Project JusticeRival Schools (United By Fate)
Rival Schools 2


Other games featuring Street Fighter characters "Cammy", "Nash/Charlie" and "Balrog/Vega"

Gunspike/Cannon Spike

Other games featuring Street Fighter EX characters "Blair Dame" and "Allen Snider" by Arika

Fighting Layer

Other games featuring "Street Fighter costumes"

Crimson Tears