Pocket Fighter/Super Gem Fighter Engings

Looking for strong fighters Ryu asks Tabasa if she knows any. She tells him abou Hauzer and where to find him. Ryu arrives at Hauzer's place and suddenly stones fly around and Hauzer stands behind him.
Tabasa realizes she didn't warn Ryu that nobody who went to see Hauzer was ever seen again (her cats freak out as they hear it).



Ken goes shopping with Morrigan who can't get enough of it. Suddenly Eliza (Ken's wife) shows up and wants to know what he's doing with "that girl". Ken says they're just having a tea together then Eliza beats him up. Morrigan is amused by all this and finds the humans very entertaining.



She thinks Felicia is the escaped animal from the zoo and sends her back in a cage. The next day she reads in the newspaper that a famous musician has disappeared and gets ready to find her.




Felicia has agreed to start a russian tour (after Zangief had beaten hear). Gorbi thinks the people will support him more now. Zangief will get a new fridge in return.




While shopping in the city Ibuki recognizes Guy as a Bushin ninja and thinks he's a spy sent from the other clan. She challenges him but he doesn't have time so he just gives her some of his food and sneaks away.




Ryu seems to have underestemated Sakura. Now that she won he has to train with her on the beach during the summer vacation. While Ryu hopes she wants to go home soon, Sakura wishes their training would never stop.




Dan teaches Sakura (his first student) his techniques. After she has left he gets a letter where she tells him that all his techniques are crap and that he's a fool.




Lei Lei the undead says she has a good place for Gouki to train at. She shows him the graveyard where all the Zobies come out of their graves at night and Gouki starts his training.




She wants to be a movie star so Ken introduces her to his friend Fei Long who is a Kung Fu movie star.
But when she sees the movie advertisement she gets mad at Ken: "Dragon VS Monster Cat"




Now that she has beaten Chun-Li she's the most beautiful girl around but suddenly Lillith appears and all guys are after her. Now Morrigan is angry at Lillith instead of Chun-Li.




Lei Lei
Zangief helped Lei Lei and her sister Lin Lin to find a job. They work as acrobats in the Russian circus now and are happy with it.




Finally she has the magic stick. At home she reads the manual and uses it but nothing happens at first. Suddely she's transformed. In the manual it says that she will stay like this for 30 days. The stick was manufactured by Anarkis (the head looks like Anarkis' people).